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Spiral Vibration Damper: Everything You Should Know

What is a spiral vibration damper?

A spiral vibration damper is used to lengthen the cable line's lifespan. It reduces wind-induced vibration or Aeolian vibration in cables such as the optical ground wires (OPGW), overhead shield wires (OHSW), and delicate cables and conductors up to 0.75 inches (diameter).


These dampers have a large, spiraling part known as the damping section and a smaller part called the gripping section. This design is suitable for reducing the Aeolian vibration occurring on the line by absorbing and dispersing the vibration across the damping section of the spiral.


The gripping section gently holds the SVD in place without damaging the cable.



Why do you need a spiral vibration damper

To fight against Aeolian Vibration! It's a high frequency, low amplitude vibration caused by horizontal wind passing across your line. When cables are exposed to this wind, a phenomenon known as vortex shedding creates alternating pressure unbalance, inducing cable and guy wire to move up and down at right angles to the direction of air flow. These vibrations take the form of discrete standing waves that can cause support hardware breakdown, guy wire fatigue, abrasion and eventually guy wire failure. The Spiral Vibration Damper is made of a solid thermal plastic that has been subjected to hundreds of field vibration studies. It is non-corrosive, effective in a broad range of frequencies and has no concentrated mass or clamping pressure that could damage guy wires.



How do spiral vibration dampers work?

Spiral Vibration Damper reduces Aeolian Vibration (the high frequency, low amplitude vibration caused by horizontal wind passing across the line. The vibration damper has a length of steel messenger cable. Two metallic weights are attached to the ends of the messenger cable. The centre clamp, which is attached to the messenger cable, is used to install the vibration damper onto the overhead conductor.



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Huaneng spiral vibration damper features:

a. stress on average, no concentration stress, protect cable better.


b. good dynamic stress. It can provide enough grip strength(14%RTS)


c. rubber clip block make abrasion low .


d. rounded end improve the corona voltage


e. excellent aluminum alloy improve the mechanical and resist-corrosion function, extend life.


Technical requirements: meet the DL / T 766-2003 ADSS with the preformed helical fittings technical requirements and test methods.


If you are interested in our products, please contact us now!

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