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8 Critical Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Flooring Installer

What exactly should you look for BEFORE you hire a flooring installer? Vetting a flooring company or contractor takes a little due diligence. Asking the right question can help you make an informed decision and boost your confidence that your floor is going to be installed correctly. Finding the right contractor or installation company is as critical as choosing the right floors. Here are eight questions you should have answers to before hiring anyone.

Question 1: Does your company sell and install flooring?

It’s always easier to work with one vendor that sells flooring and also does the installation. They can coordinate ordering materials, delivery, and installation. Working with one company that does it all helps diminish delays and gets your floors installed faster and with fewer hiccups. The added bonus of going through one vendor for both flooring and installation is you can usually obtain a better deal and save money in the process. 

Flowers Flooring is a sales and installation provider that has hundreds of flooring options to select from in our over 4,000 SQFT showrooms located in Cornelius, NC and Winston-Salem, NC. In addition, our estimators can bring samples into your home when measuring your floors for your free estimate. We also have an interactive and convenient room visualizer application that allows you to test drive different flooring in your home. Check out Roomvo.

Question 2: Do you provide FREE estimates?

Many companies, including big box stores, profit from providing estimates to potential customers. This means money comes out of your pocket before you even decide on the type of flooring you want in your home.

Flowers Flooring does not charge for estimates. We provide free, no-obligation estimates for the materials and the labor, so you know exactly how much your entire project will cost. Our estimate technician will do a detailed laser measure of your home or business to get you the most accurate estimate for flooring and materials. They can also advise you on the best type of flooring based on a few factors like foot traffic, pets, children, humidity, wet or dry area, budget, etc.

Question 3: Do they have a proper business liability policy in place?

Any legitimate flooring company will have a liability policy in place. Flowers Flooring carries both general liability and worker’s compensation policies, and we have never had a claim in our company history. Copies of our insurance policies are available to customers upon request.

Question 4: What kind of warranty do they offer?

Flooring is one of the biggest investments in home remodeling, so make sure you choose a contractor or business willing to guarantee their work. Flowers Flooring offer’s a warranty for a period of one year for the workmanship we supply. Plus, all the materials we supply are backed by the manufacturer's warranty.

Question 5: Do they offer customer care for the life of your floor?

Any contractor can come in and install your floor, but are they qualified to maintain your floors beyond installation? Flowers Flooring offers the following methods of care for the life of your floors.

●      Hardwood Restoration

●      Sand Free Refinishing

●      Tile Grout Colorant

●      EnduroShield

Question 6: Do they acclimate the flooring?

Acclimating floors is an industry standard and best practice. Many flooring companies deliver and install flooring the same day which will void your manufacturer’s flooring warranty. Acclimation is a critical step in the process of installing floors. It lessens the chances of gapping and other problems down the road.

Flowers Flooring strictly adheres to manufacturer warranty guidelines and properly acclimates all flooring to the specifications for our region. Any flooring that must be acclimated is delivered to a customer’s home 48 to 72 hours before installation for acclimation purposes. Feel confident knowing that Flowers Flooring will not compromise the acclimation process to rush the installation.

Question 7: Do they provide cleaning products and cleaning care instructions?

This is not an essential question to ask but it is very helpful to know if the company or contractor you hire to install your flooring will also teach you how to best care for your floors. Many flooring manufacturers have specific ways they suggest caring for flooring, depending on whether you have tile, hardwood, laminate, or luxury vinyl. Flowers Flooring will provide you with a mop kit and care instructions at the end of your project that is specific to your floor. Care and maintenance guides are also available on our website.

Question 8: Do they offer financing?

A home renovation project can be costly if you are doing everything at once. If you are considering financing your flooring project, ask if the flooring company provides financing. Flowers Flooring provides zero percent interest financing through Synchrony Bank. Click here to learn more or to apply instantly.

About Flowers Flooring

Flowers Flooring is your family flooring specialist with two locations – Cornelius, NC, and Winston-Salem, NC. Both locations service a 100-mile radius from the showroom. Both locations specialize in flooring sales and installation, including carpet, laminate, hardwood, sand & finish, hardwood restoration, vinyl plank, vinyl tile, rubber flooring, tile floors, tile showers, tile backsplash, area rugs, interior painting, and more. To reach the Cornelius, NC location please call (704) 445-7750 and to reach our Winston-Salem location, please call (336) 660-0977. Please be sure to inquire about our current promotion and financing offers.

Moving ahead with installing hardwood flooring in your house is a big decision. You've done some research - you know that the average ROI is in the 70 to 80% range and that new hardwood floors add to your home's value.

The next question is the big one. How do you choose a flooring store? How do you find the right folks for installing your hardwood flooring? Knowing the right questions to ask - and getting honest answers - is critical, so let's look at seven of the essential questions you should be asking.

  1. Are Your Flooring Store Installers Insured? Asking this question right off the bat gets you answers to three questions. Their answer will tell you if they are doing business legally, trustworthy, and if you'll be covered if something goes wrong.

  2. Will They Provide References? Looking at online customer reviews is helpful when exploring flooring supplier options, but talking to several of your installer's clients in person is the best way to get a feeling about their experience. Don't be shy about asking. You want to know if past clients would recommend the company again.

  3. Ask about Warranties Getting answers about warranties on materials and installation gives you peace of mind for the future. One-year warranties are standard but ask about any extended warranties. Are there installers fully certified? If they aren't, that might affect your warranty. Are there any other conditions or restrictions that could affect the coverage?

  4. What's the Best Flooring for My Project? You've got ideas about how you want your floor to look but getting added insight from a certified hardwood flooring supplier only makes sense. And with more than 50 species of hardwood available, choosing one that's best for your situation and climate is critical.

  5. What's Their Timeline for the Job? Knowing how long the installer thinks the job will take is critical. That's the only way you have of holding them accountable. When will they start? How long will it take? Is delivery of the material an issue? How about clean-up? Get specific answers and if you aren't comfortable with the schedule, say so.

  6. Job Prep and Clean-up Don't forget to ask if they move your furniture or if you do. Finally, asking about clean-up upfront eliminates any problems after the job's completed.

  7. Estimates and Payments Is their estimate firm? What happens if unexpected problems come up? Honest answers to these questions will help put your mind at ease. What's the payment schedule? Getting answers about down payments and final payments - and when they are due - helps you work out your hardwood flooring budget. Also, ask if they are offering any discounts.

The Next Step

Use these questions as a guide as you start choosing a flooring store, and you'll be well on your way to making the right choice. Hardwood flooring installation is a significant investment, and you want your job done with the utmost professionalism.

Feeling comfortable with your decision is crucial to you - and us. At Millenium Floor Covering we look forward to discussing your project - and answering all of your questions. So give us a call today to get started!

8 Critical Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Flooring Installer

7 Questions to Ask Your Hardwood Flooring Supplier


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