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How to Design a Shower Room For a Small Apartment Bathroom?

As a mini space, the layout of the bathroom has always been a question that designers need to think about. If it can be separated from dry and wet, it is better to do it. It is very practical to use a stainless steel shower room to limit water vapor. Today, Shower Enclosure Manufacturer shares some stainless steel shower room designs of various shapes for everyone to see which suits your home.


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The long stainless steel shower room is a common practice. The stainless steel shower room is designed on the side of the window, and a glass partition door is used to separate the dry area and the wet area. The cost will be cheaper.

The long stainless steel shower room is more suitable for families with children and the elderly. You can put a stool in the shower area and make a raised platform, which is safer and more convenient for children to take a bath.

Similar to the strip type is a square stainless steel shower room. The side of the stainless steel shower room can be used to place the toilet. The brick wall and glass are used as partitions to separate dry and wet more thoroughly.

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There are some less-than-ideal apartment types that are also suitable for making square stainless steel shower rooms. The wall behind the toilet is lent to other space, or there is an extra part in the bathroom, and it is just right to change to a stainless steel shower room.

Diamond-shaped stainless steel shower room is the choice of many small apartment owners. Put the stainless steel shower room at the corner, and then the toilet and sink are listed on both sides of the stainless steel shower room, as long as there is a 3 square meter bathroom. layout.

Defective bathrooms can also be made of diamond-shaped stainless steel shower rooms, which can give more space to the shower area. After all, not every bathroom has that much extended space.

The arc-shaped stainless steel shower room is relatively the most expensive one. After all, the arc-shaped sliding door will have higher requirements for the craftsmanship.

But the arc-shaped stainless steel shower room requires the smallest area, and the safety will be higher. There is no concave and convex corners, which is more suitable for small apartments.

After reading these different shapes of stainless steel shower room design cases, have you found a method suitable for your own small apartment? The arc type and diamond type are more suitable for small apartment. Use the corner space to arrange the stainless steel shower room, so that the toilet and sink can be used. Better layout can also use more space.

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