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Application of Double Wire Mesh

Double wire fence is made of high quality low carbon stainless steel wire as raw material. Welded by a longitudinal wire and two horizontal wires; compared with ordinary Welded Fence Panels, which can be strong enough.

Double Wire Fence

Double wire fence application:

1.Double wire fence has a grid structure, beautiful and practical, gardening and other characteristics. In addition, double wire fence is easy for plants to climb and is widely used in parks and living areas.

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2. Due to the characteristics of Double Wire Fence, it is easy to transport and install, and is not restricted by special terrain. It adapts to mountains, hillsides and winding areas. Double wire fence is used as professional fence for airports and military bases. It can better protect the enhanced parts while adding security accessories such as elbow, wire mesh and barbed wire.

3.The price of double wire fence is below medium, and it is widely used in industrial sites, sports fields, recreation areas, schools and nurseries as safety fences.

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