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How to Choose a Coat Rack?

Buying a coat rack for your home can help organize an entryway, foyer or mudroom, and it is an almost essential organizing accessory for families with children. There are several different types of coat racks to choose from, including freestanding coat racks and wall-mounted coat racks. To make the most of your space and organization, consider the overall use of your entryway or mudroom while considering the type of coat rack you want to purchase.


Before you start shopping, it is recommended that you look around the room and consider where to place them. This allows you to begin planning the style of your event environment in advance.


Which room would benefit the most from a stylish coat rack?

Where in the current arrangement of that room is there enough space for a coat rack?

Which type of coat rack will help you maximize that space in an organic and appealing way?

Iron Art Hanging Clothes Rack

Every house has a major entry point where not only coats, but also hats, gloves and shoes are discarded and collected on a daily basis. The right garment rack will help control clutter and make the space more usable. If your entryway is very small and you don't have any type of closet, you may want to opt for wall-mounted coat racks. Consider combining shelves and coat racks for additional organization. There are many different styles that combine shelf space, cubby storage and hanging hooks, and by mounting a combination coat rack to the wall, you can save valuable floor space.


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If you have a small entryway but a closet, consider using an out-the-door coat rack. These are easy to install because they simply hang from the top of the door, with the option of screwing them in further. Over-the-door coat racks offer the option of hanging with the hooks facing outward for easy access in the fall and winter, and keeping coats out of sight facing in the spring and summer.


Choosing the right coat rack for your space will help control clutter, but also make sure you leave room for designated space for shoes and other items. If you have children, consider a coat rack that can accommodate coats and school bags. Also, avoid freestanding coat racks that tend to tilt, and remember to hang wall-mounted coat racks where children can reach them.

Garment Rack

Racks of different materials

What materials are available for coat racks? It depends on which shape you prefer and how you intend to use it.

Wood is the most commonly used material, especially on coat racks shaped like trees, as the branches can hold items. Wood looks more natural and is easier to make into a rack than metal.


Coat racks can also be made of iron or steel, which are very versatile materials and come in a variety of shapes.

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