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7 reasons to style your home with parquet floors

While the average person may not understand or may undermine the importance of using the right materials when designing a home or office, interior designers can guarantee this aspect is the key to building a reputation and lasting success. From the concept and selection stages to final visual presentation, the use of quality materials is important to ensure the longevity of the design.

If there is one material in the interior design world today that has won a hypothetical trophy, it is wood. One of the most widely used and beautiful types of wood floors is parquet, which is becoming a staple of the future due to its natural, subtle warmth.

Walking on the parquet floor gives us a real taste of how wood feels and looks! Here are 7 reasons why you should style your home with parquet floors:

it's eternal

It's hard to put parquet floors in an environment that looks outdated! Whether it's a traditional villa, a vintage villa or a modern penthouse, solid wood parquet floors are the perfect complement to any décor. It originated in 17th century France and was popular among royalty and the upper classes. From its use in the royal castle of Versailles in the 17th century to its widespread use as a home floor today, parquet has proven to be a timeless classic.

it adds texture

Parquet can make a monochrome scheme look exciting and inviting by adding a variety of shades, depth and visual interest. There are some flooring options that can make a place seem impersonal and clinical. However, we can assure you that your parquet floors will only add life to your house!

Pseudo chameleon

Find us a color in the spectrum that will not rival parquet floors. Parquet floors come in a surprising number of colors, textures and patterns, and you can easily choose a panel that complements your home decor palette. In fact, it's time to switch from traditional wood tones to custom stained, painted or stained parquet floors.

won't drill a hole in your pocket

All this elegance and luxury at no extra cost! While the cost of parquet flooring depends on various factors such as whether it is block or mosaic, the type and source of wood, area covered, finish, etc., it is safe to say that the cost will not be your burden. While herringbone parquet Variations such as wood are classic and cost-wise, but you'll still find them cheaper than various other flooring materials.

it beats laminate flooring

We're not talking about the bad guys' laminate floors, but it's a well-known fact that one of the two is made of solid wood, and the other isn't. Solid wood parquet is made by holding pieces of real hardwood together to form a tile pattern, while laminate consists of a pressed wood core with a digital image of the wood or tile on top. Also, parquet floors are considered more economical than wood floors.

Easy to maintain and repair

One of the biggest advantages of using wood floors is that they are easy to care for, and parquet wood floors are no exception. You should keep it free of any dust buildup that could end up scratching the floor. Even if it gets dirty, it can be easily cleaned with a compatible non-abrasive product and a little water. One of the things we love about parquet floors is that if there is any damage, it can be replaced without taking up the entire plank. Additionally, it can be sanded and resealed or polished to extend its life and beauty.

This is a green option

Since the parquet is made of solid wood, the material comes from sustainable forests. In some cases, it can also be recycled or redesigned from damaged floors. This makes it a great option while being environmentally friendly.


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