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What Are Aluminium Coil Used For?

What Are Aluminium Coil Used For?

When researching aluminum coil, you may be surprised at all the uses it has. As you will discover from the information provided, this type of coil is very important to many different industries.


What is an aluminum coil?


Unlike a flat sheet, a coil is a coiled piece of aluminum. The core is a hollow cylinder on which the coil material is wound, thus creating the inner diameter of the coil itself. Depending on the application, coils can be heat treated, non-heat treated, diamond coated or treaded, or pre-painted.


These coils are also available in a variety of grades, such as 1100, 3003, 5052, 5083, and 8011. due to their strength and durability, these coils can withstand heavy use and abuse. Coils are also available in different thicknesses from 0.002 to 0.276 inches and widths from 0.79 to 120 inches.


Aluminium Coils for Ceiling

Different Uses


Multiple industries rely on coils made of aluminum for a variety of applications, including construction, electronics, automotive, pharmaceutical, food service, manufacturing, transportation and more. Aluminum is a much superior material in many cases compared to other materials. Aluminum is approximately one-third lighter and non-corrosive than mild steel. It has high thermal conductivity and experts can form it without much resistance.


The main reason why food cans are made from aluminum coils is because of its ductility, rust resistance and corrosion resistance. Due to its ductility, aluminum cans can be easily produced in large quantities. Because of its rust and corrosion resistance, aluminum ensures that the food inside the cans stays fresh for a long time. In addition to cans, aluminum coils are also useful for producing caps, bottles and other packaging.


Aluminium Coils for Can-end & Tab Application


In addition to standard stock, the best aluminum coil suppliers sometimes offer custom components. If not, they have good relationships with top manufacturing companies and can meet the needs of their customers. The best manufacturers can cut coils, which means they can cut them to length depending on the needs of the customer. Not only do customers get accurately sized coils, but they also reduce the amount of waste that typically occurs.


Because aluminum is so durable and ductile, it is easy to machine into sheets or coils. Although aluminum is much lighter than other metals, it offers consistent strength and unmatched value. For this reason, in coil form, it is in high demand. Before choosing any coils, it is important to understand some of the stresses this material can face.



The key to choosing aluminum coils


One thing we should keep in mind when choosing aluminum coil is that choosing the right aluminum coil alloy depends directly on the properties and the specific scenario in which it will be used. Before purchasing aluminum coils, it is important to note the fluidity of.


Tensile strength

Thermal conductivity



Corrosion resistance


If you are interested in the best aluminum coils on the market, you can always count on LITONG. for coils, sheets and other aluminum products, we offer our customers only the best. With product expertise, logistics experience and a worldwide network of supply partners, we get our customers what they need at a low price.

Aluminum Coil and Strip

Aluminum Coil / Strip is light, strong, and easy to work with. Its variety of thickness makes it ideal for many industrial and home applications, such as signs, airplane parts, and cooking pots. It can be welded with different welding techniques and is easy to be cut, drilled, or sheared.

Mechanical Properties

  • Tensile Strength, Ultimate

  • 60 ~ 460


  • Tensile Strength, Yield

  • 20 ~ 460


  • Hardness, Brinell

  • 20 ~ 138

BS Stainless Limited

In order to support our coil processing lines we keep a large stock range of Aluminium coils. Our grades include 3003 H14,  1050 H14, 3005 H14 and 3105 H14 material.

The coils are suited to our production line so 1000 mm or 3 foot (914 mm) wide as standard. The thickness ranges from 0.4mm up to 1.2mm with typical weights from 1 to 2 tonnes. Other alloys and tempers are available.

In addition we also offer small coils  also described as Aluminium insulation coils. These have thickness between 0.3 - 2mm and width between 1000mm - 1250mm, with two different finishes: stucco or mill finish. The large range  of alloys offer exceptional formability, corrosion resistance, toughness and mechanical properties to resist mechanical or thermal abuse in service. These are used, for many applications including, for refrigeration and heat insulation installers for coating boilers, pipes, ducts and other parts of the installation. These are typically produced in sizes such as 125 kgs or 150 kgs but generally produced to clients requirements.

Due to our large demand for processing we have  excellent supply routes for our coils this means that if we don't have immediate availability or enough stock we can source in around 1-4 weeks. As well as plain or smooth finish Aluminium we also keep stucco embossed coils or can supply painted or laminated. All our coils can either be reduced in weight to suit the clients processing capabilities, cut into sheet or precision slit into narrow coils. We can even convert them into corrugated sheets.

Many of our coils are laminated to order with Surlyn moisture barrier for use as metal jacketing, Tedlar (PVF) outer coating, coil painted PVDF, PES,PUR or bonded with a mass loaded vinyl acoustic barrier for ease of application when sound reduction is required. In addition we can also offer other specialist laminates including PVF or PVC including anti-bacterial coatings or grain effect.

We also keep a range of other products to fix or aluminium coils including banding, wing seals, rivets and toggle latches, self drilling (TEK) screws.

If you have a requirement for Aluminium coil or cut to length non standard sheet sizes as blanks then speak to our sales team.






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