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Basic Requirements For Clean Room Doors

Choosing the right door system is a major factor in ensuring the delicate balance of a clean room. If the door does not work properly, the clean room may not meet the relevant standards of the clean room and is exposed to a higher risk of contamination. When choosing a clean room door, here are some of the most basic but important factors to consider.


Hygiene and flushing accessories

It is important that the door and frame are completely flush with the wall panels to meet standards and be easy to keep clean. The surface of the door should also be a smooth flat surface, with no ledges, grooves, or any place where bacteria or dust particles may be trapped and grow. The visual panel inside the door should also be completely flush with the door to maintain hygiene. Doors should have as few horizontal ledges as possible, and special attention should be paid to reducing steps or ledges as much as possible.


Easy to integrate

A door system compatible with any type of wall system should be selected. It is important that the complete door and frame system can be seamlessly integrated to create a flush finish on two walls. If the door system is not integrated into any wall structure, it is difficult to change the parameters within the facility without compromising the integrity of the clean room door.


Resistant to cleaning chemicals

The clean room is exposed to various strong chemicals every day to ensure a high level of hygiene. Clean room doors, like any other clean room surface, need to resist the regular use of any cleaning products, and any reaction between the door and chemicals needs to be avoided. Most reputable companies conduct tests to ensure that the door is resistant to common cleaning chemicals, chlorine and VHP (vaporized hydrogen peroxide).


Easy to keep clean

The door surface of the clean room should be smooth to keep it free from microorganisms. The design of the clean room door should be kept as simple as possible and avoid the use of difficult-to-clean elements such as wall shelves or complex mechanisms. Both sides of the door frame should be completely flush with the wall to avoid uneven surfaces that are difficult to keep clean.


Impact resistant and durable

The door of the clean room may be exposed to a large amount of traffic and hazardous chemicals every day. In the long run, choosing the right door opening plan can help save time and money. Should choose a sturdy, lightweight door to improve durability, easy maintenance and low life cycle cost.


Vision panel with safety glass

In a clean room, safety comes first. Therefore, every part of the product should be designed to meet the highest safety requirements. The vision panel on the door should be safety glass and shatterproof glass to prevent any risk of glass scattering if the panel breaks.

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