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About Zolve

Zolve provides new information about real estate markets and neighborhoods.  It does this by solving two problems for two different groups of people who have an interest in real estate information:

  1. the home buyers, sellers, and owners seeking the information, and
  2. the real estate practitioners providing the information.

Zolve connects these two groups by providing a platform where real estate practitioners can demonstrate their market and neighborhood expertise by sharing the information that home buyers, sellers, and owners are looking for on the internet. 

This begins with real estate practicioners who participate in the Zolve network by first creating a profile on Zolve’s Referral Network.  As a Zolve member, you have three ways to grow your business online:

  1. Sharing ground-level, authentic information about the real estate markets and neighborhoods in which you have subject-matter expertise on the Zolve Market Pulse
  2. Sharing and showcasing your knowledge and voice with your own personal real estate blog at Zolve real estate blogs.
  3. Building your peer-to-peer referral network and expanding your referral business on the Zolve Referral Network.  

Please contact us if you have any questions about how you can be a part of the Zolve network’s mission to provide most authentic and timely collection of user-generated, ground-level information on real estate markets and neighborhoods online.